Fooom dispenser for the industrial sector

FoOom has multiple solutions to ensure proper hygiene in the industrial industry.

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Responsible industrial hygiene solutions

Industrial hygiene solutions for reliable and responsible industrial hygiene to help create and maintain a safe, healthy workplace for your employees. With the FoOom industrial hygiene solutions, you can reduce the risk of employee illness and increase productivity in your facility.

    Industrial elbow-operated dispenser

    Industrial elbow-operated dispenser

    Practical, high-quality, and convenient. The FoOom environmental elbow-operated dispenser system ensures hands-free contact with the dispenser. The elbow-operated dispenser is suitable where hand hygiene is critical - allowing hands-free dispensing of soap and hand sanitizer products.

      pro care

      Pro Care Refill

      The Pro Care hand soap is uniquely formulated to provide a deeper cleansing. Perfect for the industrial industry.