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Fooom dispenser for the food sector

FoOom has multiple solutions to ensure proper hygiene in the healthcare industry.

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Hands washing
Chef serving a plate

Clean hands for safe food

Handwashing is vital to prevent cross-contamination of food by food handlers, which can have severe consequences on consumer health. Hands are indispensable when handling food; therefore, we highly recommended adequately equipped hand washing solutions facilities .

Thorough hand hygiene plays a crucial role in personal hygiene and is an essential component of food safety as well as the HACCP approach.

    clean dishes

    Clean dishes

    A little goes a long way with dishwashing soap, and thanks to the dispenser's output, you can quickly get the right dosage for your needs. Design and functionality come together with the FoOom dishwashing system. 

    • Dispenser for clean dishes
    • Costum output
    Dishwashing Liquid

    Dishwashing refill

    The FoOom dishwashing liquid leaves your dishes spotless and mildly scented. 

    • Skin kind
    • Mildly fragranced