Handrub 500ml & 1000ml

Hand disinfectant based on the purest Ethanol.

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FoOom handrub is a very effective hand sanitizer foam to reduce the risk of cross-contamination with anti-bacterial activity. It cleans hands without needing water and dries up completely in seconds. The refreshing skin-caring formula is 99,99% effective against most bacteria. 

  • Foam
  • Quality branded cleanser
  • Mildly fragranced
  • Has a virus-killing effect
  •  Quick drying - Non-sticky
  • No water needed
  • Permitted for use in healthcare, food & catering industry, cosmetics industry and laboratories
Hand washes
  • Foam:
    500 ml - up to 1250 hand washes
    1000 ml - up to 2500 hand washes


  • Pump types Foam
  • Volumes 500ml & 1000ml
  • Compatible dispensers Sensor & Manual
  • Output options 0,4ml and 0,6ml
  • HS code 34013000


You can download the refill catalog below to read it even when you’re offline.

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