Sensor dispenser 500ml

High-quality wall mounted 500ml sensor activated dispenser. Touch-free operation: eliminates cross-contamination, reduces the spread of germs.

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High speed multishot dispenser

We developed a faster sensor speed to prevent the device from spilling and keep the surroundings clean — faster than the standard in sensor dispensers worldwide. The Programmable multi-shot custom output allows utilization in several sectors and still follows industry standards.

  • High-speed
  • 3 Shots a second

Unique sensor technology

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  • Performs under extreme lighting conditions
  • Adjustable sensor distance

Customize your dispenser

The sensor dispenser is available in bright colors and sophisticated metalized surfaces. Our in-house workshop can further customize your dispensers with high-quality logos and full-color decorations.

We can print anything, in any quantity.

    Sensor 1000 ml 500 ml

    The sensor dispenser comes in two sizes

    The sensor dispenser is suitable for any location. We created a 500ml and a 1000ml version to suit all  capacities. 

      Lear more about the 1000ml dispenser

      Go Green Dispenser

      Now you know what your waste can become!

      Recycling is renewing. Our eco dispenser material originates from European households post-consumer packaging waste. The post-consumer packaging waste is reusable by extensive sorting, hot-washing, and compounding.

      Plant-based refill selection.

      Our plant-based refills contain only natural ingredients; no synthetics. Perfect for professional use and super eco-friendly in combination with our eco dispenser.

      • 100% recycled plastic waste
      • High-quality wall-mounted 500ml sensor-activated dispenser
      • Pump options 0.4 ml or 0.6 ml
      • Programmable for 1-2-3 shots
      • 3-in-1 system for foam, liquid, and gel 
      • 3-shots a second
      • Large capacity of up to 2500 hand washes 
      • Available with BioProtect - lifetime guaranteed antimicrobial treatment for optimal hygiene
      • Touch-free operation: eliminates cross-contamination, reduces the spread of germs
      • Designed for optimal user-friendliness
      • Unique programmable sensor distance activation
      • Easy battery replacement


      • Refill volume 500ml
      • Weight 610
      • Dimensions (LxWxH) H 175 mm x W 12 mm x D 85 mm
      • Material ABS, POM
      • Available body colors White, Black
      • Exclusive body colors Chrome brushed, Chrome high gloss and custom colors