Body & Face Lotion 500ml & 1000ml

The hand and face lotion is a nourishing cream for dry and stressed skin. The cream supports the skin’s natural recovery capacity - suitable for both hands and face.

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Body & Face Lotion

  • Liquid
  • Quality branded lotion
  • Skin kind, with extra skincare
  • Direct protection
  • Supports the natural recovery of the capacity of the skin
  • For daily use
Hand washes
  • Liquid:
    500 ml - up to 1250 hand portions
    1000 ml - up to 2500 hand portions


  • Pump types Foam, liquid and spray
  • Volumes 500ml & 1000ml
  • Compatible dispensers Sensor & Manual
  • Output options 0,4ml and 0,6ml
  • HS code 34013000


You can download the refill catalog below to read it even when you’re offline.

Download refill catalog