Dishwashing Liquid 500ml & 1000ml

A very soft dishwashing liquid with skin conditioning ingredients.

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Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing Liquid

Dispenses the right amount of dish soap to prevent wasting liquid. The FoOm dishwashing liquid refill is ideal for the food and kitchen industry. Perfect for kitchens where the space around the sink is limited. 

  • Spray and Liquid
  • Quality branded cleanser
  • Mildly fragranced
  • Skin kind, with extra skincare
  • Hypoallergenic product
  • For daily use
Hand washes
  • Liquid:
    500 ml - up to 1250 hand washes
    1000 ml - up to 2500 hand washes
  • Spray:
    500 ml - up to 3845 hand washes
    1000 ml - up to 7690 hand washes


  • Pump types Liquid and Spray
  • Volumes 500ml & 1000ml
  • Compatible dispensers Sensor & Manual
  • Output options 0,13ml, 0,4ml and 0,6ml
  • HS code 34013000


You can download the refill catalog below to read it even when you’re offline.

Download refill catalog